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Amanda Alexander

Detroit Justice Center

Detroit, Michigan

Economic Equity Practices in Detroit


DJC’s Economic Equity Practice (EEP) develops tools to address obstacles to economic justice by providing legal support for community land trusts, housing and worker cooperatives, and enterprises.


The Economic Equity Practice aims to leverage the resources of Detroit Justice Center’s community partners to support homeownership, small business development, cooperative economics, local food sourcing, and access to education to create a stable, livable neighborhood with a vibrant commercial corridor powered by people living in the community. In addition to housing rehabilitation through the community land trust (CLT), the Economic Equity Practice includes community-based cooperative training and development in Detroit’s upper-east Dexter-Linwood neighborhood. Detroit Justice Center will provide worker-owners with training, technical assistance, and other supports. The Economic Equity Practice will place the new cooperative businesses in physical locations within a CLT, ensuring affordable rent going forward and fostering equitable, inclusive, and community driven economic growth.

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